SnapRing Tire Covers (Sold in Pairs) - Our #1 Seller

افضل شركة لتداول الاسهم السعودية SnapRing Tire Covers (Sold in Pairs) - Our #1 Seller

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Quick Overview

Snap-Ring TireSavers are Heavy Duty, flannel backed vinyl covers to protect your tires and wheels
Harmful UV Rays Protection
Dirst & Dust protection
Acid Rain Protection
TireSavers are available in WHITE or BLACK - just measure across the tire for size, there are seven sizes to fit from small trailer tires all the way up to 42" Class "A" motorhomes.

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From $42.00


إتبع Tires take a lot of abuse and can become unsafe if left exposed to the UV rays from the sun and other environmental hazards too long. TireSavers make protecting your tires a "snap". Our exclusive spring-steel ring design holds the TireSavers in place and eliminates the hassle of crawling around on the ground to secure straps, bungee cords and/or other hardware.

Just spread the TireSaver, slide it over the tire, and let the still ring "snap" into's that easy! Heavy duty, flannel-backed vinyl protects your tires AND wheels from harmful UV rays, dirt and dust, acid rain, animals and pets.