Canine Covers - Travel Buckle-Up

موقع الكتروني Canine Covers - Travel Buckle-Up

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The Travel Buckle-Up is designed for comfort in or out of the car
You know how important it is to buckle-up for safety every time you or your family gets into a car. It's equally important to secure your pet for travel. AAA notes that unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 accidents annually. A Dog Car Harness, Dog Seat Belt, or Pet Safety Harness is absolutely essential for you and your dog's safety when traveling.

Size Chart

Neck:9-20" Chest: 12-22"
Breed Types:
Yorkie, Boston Terrier, Jack Russell
Neck:16-25" Chest: 20-28"
Breed Types:
Beagle, Border Collie
Neck:22-30" Chest: 26-36"
Breed Types:
Boxer, Lab, Shepherd
Extra Large
Neck:26-36" Chest: 34-52"
Breed Types:
St. Bernard, Mastiff