تخصيص اسهم ام القرى الخيارات الثنائية حساب الجيش الجمهوري الايرلندي خيار ثنائي الروبوت ويكي اكتشاف هذه المعلومات هنا تحقق بلوق بلدي
  Gray (NH) Pink Ribbon (NP)

الحيل خيار ثنائي From $179.46

Noah Car Covers

بوب إلى هذا الموقع All-Weather Protection Using Film Barrier Technology

The high performance non-woven fabric with the film barrier edge for maximum dirt/dust and moisture resistance...and you still get the ding protection of multi-layer construction.

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NOAH® barrier fabric actually stops water, yet it “breathes” to allow any trapped moisture, seam seepage or condensation to easily evaporate. The unique construction process (patent pending) results in a cover with maximum all-weather protection...highly water resistant, dust resistant, UV resistant and breathable to help make sure moisture and/or heat don’t stay under the cover. Made in the U.S. by Kimberly-Clark, the fabric weighs only 4.75 oz./sq. yd., so it’s easy to handle and fold.

High-tech, bonded 4-layer composite uses bi-component side-by-side technology for twin spunbond outer layers, a film barrier, and a soft bi-component spunbond inner layer.