UVS100 Custom Fit Windshield SunShades - Made In USA - Free Shipping!

فكرت في هذا UVS100 Custom Fit Windshield SunShades - Made In USA - Free Shipping!

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Quick Overview

Custom Patterned-not a universal or "almost" fit
Laminated Construction with Insulation Barrier
Easy to use - pre-sewn panels quickly accordion fold
Reduce interior temperature. Protect seats and dash from UV damage. The only UV Shield to earn a U.S. available in Colors! Even though there are plenty of knock-offs on the market now, we still make the UVS100 Heat Shield by hand, one unit at a time, from laminating the panels to cutting the pattern....these are truly Crafted2Fit.


Custom Patterned UVS100 Heat Shields

Just unfold and position across the windshield,
then fold down the sun visors. Over 500 patterns assure a perfect fit!
Reduce interior temperature Protect seats and dash from UV damage This premium quality, custom patterned folding heat shield has a silver reflective fabric on the outer side, soft felt on the inside. Both fabrics are laminated to a foam core board which acts as an insulator. The silver outside-facing fabric helps reflect damaging UV rays that not only heat the inside of your vehicle but also can damage the interior.

  • Triple laminate construction
  • Outside silver reflective surface - Soft felt surface inside
  • Foam core center - Acts as insulator
  • Accordion fold - Easy use & storage
  • Easy to use - Fold down sun visors to hold in place
  • Available in 5 colors
  • 90 Day Warranty