Pocket Pods

Handy Storage For Odss & Ends…

Latex backed carpet is heat-formed using pattern-specific design molds and mounted to a rigid HDPE or vacuum formed ABS backing. Depending on the application and space available for mounting, the Custom Pocket Pods® design can include one, two or three storage pockets. If trunk mounted, the design always allows easy access to the inside trunk safety release handle.

  • Additional storage for items like manuals, wax, polish, detailing products, tire pressure gauges, emergency tools, warning devices.
  • Inside Trunk Lid – 1 or 2 Pockets.
  • Each "pocket" has a lid with closure latch.
  • Formed pockets made with material similar to trunk carpet.
  • Rigid shaped back panel (depending on model).
  • Custom patterned & engineered.
  • Universal Seatback Mount – Interior model for use in cars, pickups, vans and SUV's.
  • 90 Day Warranty
Easy no-drill installation…
  • Hardware kit includes automotive-grade fasteners and/or 3M™ VBH™ adhesive tape (depending on application).
  • If required, remove specified clips/fasteners inside trunk lid.
  • Align and install Pocket Pods using provided mounting components.
Custom Pocket Pods
Universal Pocket Pods

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    Custom Pocket Pods

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